“I’ve Got The World On A String…”

“…I’m sitting on a rainbow”. Thus begins one of the most famous swing numbers of all time. And it perfectly describes my mood, as I’m nearing the end of my most demanding term at LIPA so far. And boy, this has been quite the term, I can tell you that much. I have created, produced, directed and starred in my own one-man-show (“Musings Of A Hopeless Romantic”), I have started producing the musical “Beyond The Clouds” (music, lyrics and book by Chris Breen & Glenn Tollett) to be staged at LIPA in May 2010. I have written an essay about a one-hit wonder, have written my first business plan. I have sung a Paul McCartney song AND a John Lennon song on a LIPA stage (with the kids’ choir singing the “war is over” bit)… oh, and last, but not least, I impersonated a red-headed female african-american backing vocalist. Much to my surprise, no tomato thrown from the audience connected with my head, but rather, the audience laughed. So, I must have done something right.

“The best gig I have worked on during my 3 years at LIPA” was, undoubtedly, the best compliment I have been paid during MY 3 years at LIPA, by a guy on our production team. But I do remember that this compliment is not just meant for me, personally. My show could not have happened without the participation of so many talented musicians, dancers, teachers, sound and lighting engineers etc. Even the ladies at the canteen have played their own small part. Always there, smiling. And a smile goes a long, long way…

I am grateful to have worked with so many talented artists this term, they have enriched my life and we achieved some pretty impressive things at LIPA together. They know who they are! I’ve had some pretty encouraging comments from LIPA teachers and fellow students, so my natural self-doubt is slowly (but surely) melting away. I am starting to believe in my own strength as an artist – and above all, as a human being. And I have everyone in my life to thank for that.

So, thank you all for being a part of my life. I would not be where I am, or who I am, if it weren’t for you.

Petru đŸ™‚


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