But Not For Me

Have you ever felt like the whole world is having a good time and you’re not? That everybody else is carefree, in love, has fun with their friends and they seem to have found their path in life? That feeling that you just barely made it to the train station in time to watch the train depart? And everyone you’ve ever known is on that train?

Who on Earth hasn’t felt like that at least once in their life, eh? We tend to be selfish beings – but at the same time, we always see the grass as being greener on the other side. When the reality is probably more along the lines of… everybody feels the same way as you, thinking that YOU are having a better time than they are.

Tell you what, though. That feeling that I just described, it does wonders for an artist. That’s where the best stuff comes from, man. The best songs, plays, novels – they all take their inspiration from times when their creators have felt blue and depressed. How on Earth can one sing about a broken heart, when they haven’t had it cruelly broken by some girl in the first place? Lol.

It’s great to see that I’ve already got over 80 views in less than a week. Either you are visiting this page out of kindness, or my ramblings are actually of use to other human beings out there. I’d like to think it’s the second one. πŸ˜‰

I would like to take this opportunity to go through the widgets on the right hand side of this page. At the top is a picture of yours truly, feeling blue (yes, I actually turn blue). That is usually the grimace on my face before I start writing one of these chestnuts. Directly below it, is the “CALENDAR OF A HOPELESS ROMANTIC”, which basically shows you exactly on which days I was depressed and/or inspired enough to write on here. Below that, you can sign up for having new posts delivered right to your inbox (“I’M A HOPELESS ROMANTIC TOO”). The “ROMANTIC TWEETS” section is where you can read all my Twitter updates (what it doesn’t show, though, is my perfect impression of the Twitter bird. Liam Malorey-Vibert has seen this, and is now emotionally scarred for life. πŸ˜› Lips at an upwards angle of 45 degrees, in mid-tweet. Arms to the back, representing the stationary wings. If you see me around at LIPA, I’ll be happy to demonstrate this for you). “PAST RAMBLINGS” is a neat way of finding my posts listed by month. In the “LINKS” section you can find shortcuts to my Facebook pages. The first one is where you can hear my music, and the second one is just the usual Facebook profile. I chose to include the “AUTHORS” section because I might have guest writers on here from time to time. “VISITORS” is you guys.Β And, lastly, if you type any word into the “SEARCH” box, it will locate the post(s) containing that word. Search for “shagmeister”. Go ahead! πŸ™‚

Peace & Love,

Petru πŸ™‚


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