Toy Boy

John Lennon had a point. When he wrote “Working Class Hero”, he knew exactly what he was talking about. “As soon as you’re born, they make you feel small”, he begins. And he’s absolutely right. We are all but mere puppets on a string in this Orwellian society we’ve created. This world we live in, claims to aim to produce individuals… but what it really fosters is subordination and “falling in line”. People reprimand you whenever you say or do something out of line. When you try to stand out in any way. When you don’t agree with the people who are supposed to be your superiors, or teachers – but who are really just people. Just like you.

“All animals are equal – but some animals are MORE equal than others” as a famous phrase from Orwell’s “Animal Farm” says.

We are all people, born equal under the light of day. Why should some of us claim to know better than the others? We are all toy boys (and girls) of this charade called life. Apologies for the cynicism of today’s post. Go on YouTube and listen to MIKA’s “Toy Boy” if you get the chance! And below is a picture of my lovely dancers from the show.

Peace & Love,

Petru 🙂


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