That’s Life!

I’m sitting in my room, sipping a well-deserved glass of Jack as Chet Baker alternates between smooth vocals and understated trumpet on my stereo. It’s been a good term. Full of hard work, and positive attitudes, and crowned by maybe my greatest artistic achievements yet. And I’m starting to feel, at last, that we’re all part of a brotherhood of students, of artists… more than I ever felt before. It’s that feeling of finally “belonging” somewhere, with a certain crowd of people. It’s a sweet and satisfying feeling. May the second part of this LIPA year carry on in the same vein (at the very least).

I have also had the privilege to be cast as Snoopy in the upcoming LIPA production of the musical “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”. It’s definitely something to look forward to after Christmas, impersonating Snoopy. Particularly as Snoopy and I share many character traits. Don’t we? 🙂

So, that’s life at the moment, guys. And life is good. I hope you can say the same for yourselves, that you are all doing what you love and being appreciated for it. And if you find that you’re not, never lose hope. Hold on tight to your dreams, and just DO IT. Whatever “it” is… Don’t ever be afraid of showing the world who you are, and the positive things you can achieve.

Cheers! Here’s to life!

Petru 🙂


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