Some Other Time

Hey guys! Apologies for not posting anything up here in a few days – I’ve just been busy with the final week of term. This year, we actually did work till the very last day. But a week that seemed annoying to begin with, has turned out to be rather productive and such. And I have formed an unlikely and fast bond with the people I was working with – people from other courses that I had not worked with before.

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else”, said Judy Garland once. Words that are echoed through time, and reflect themselves in my current state of mind. I am quite pleased with myself with what I’ve done this year. 2009 will always mean a lot to me, in so many different ways. For many more reasons than I could ever post up here. But most importantly, it has been the year when I finally started believing in myself as an artist. Those of you who truly know me, will realize how big an achievement this is for me.

It’s the end of a term, and a time for reflection and family as we move into the Christmas celebration season. It’s always a bittersweet and fuzzy, indoorsy time of the year. And the song below reflects my feelings at this time, with great accuracy! As always, read the lyrics too. They are full of glorious melancholy. I wish that you be content, whichever little corner of the globe you happen to find yourself in. Be happy, whoever and wherever you are. And remember, we are all in our own little corners of the globe, each with our hopes and dreams. Each of us, capable of so much love and positive emotions. Let’s spread a bit of that around, this holiday season. And let’s start by learning to love ourselves! Ah well, we’ll catch up some other time! 🙂

“Some Other Time” (music by Leonard Bernstein/lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green)

Where has the time all gone to?
Haven’t done half the things we want to.
Ah, well, we’ll catch up
Some other time…

This day was just a token,
Too many words are still unspoken.
Ah, well, we’ll catch up
Some other time…

Just when the fun is starting,
Comes the time for parting.
Let’s just be glad for what we’ve had
And what’s to come.

There’s so much more embracing
Still to be done, but time is racing.
Ah, well, we’ll catch up
Some other time…


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