Home For Christmas

You know you’ve reached some sort of wits’ end when the only good thing you can think of, concerning the fact that the flight that was supposed to take you home has been canceled, is the fact that you get to play Xbox for a couple more days. Good grief! “Oh, three flakes of snow had the INDECENCY of falling down on our precious Dutch runway, and oh dear, we closed the whole bloody airport down!” Well, they didn’t exactly phrase it in such an eloquent, Atkinsonesque manner (only Mr. Atkinson and I are capable of such witty flourishes) – their reply was more along the lines of making me wait in a 1-hour long queue, between two obnoxious loudmouths who spoke little-to-no English, and then, when I finally reached the bloody desk, realizing the employee staring back was actually younger and more of a moron than I am.

But, just as my last remaining sane neuron was preparing to call it quits, lo and behold, I visualise my fellow coursemate Joaqim, about four people down the line. This is probably the only reason why I am still able to call myself Homo Sapiens at the minute – why I am not some babbling Neanderthalian wreck. I’ll always remember this day as the day Joaqim Lewerin saved my sanity.

I will not attempt to convey the absurdity that ran through my blood when I noticed that not ALL flights to Amsterdam this week have been cancelled (as the desk clerk had previously declared), but that, in fact, there was an EasyJet flight to Amsterdam, boarding just as I was leaving John Lennon Airport to return to my favourite city in the world. And, by the time some little kid on the bus, opened a window just as I was managing to scrape together a little body heat – I was too disgruntled to really care anymore.

So here I am, back in my student flat. And what should have been my first blogpost written on Romanian soil, is yet another display of Liverpudlian babble. But I’ll be home for Christmas, even if I have to go as far as to walk there. On all fours even…

At least, that’s what Snoopy would say!

Petru 🙂


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