Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day

Hello, world! After many trials and tribulations, my week of European travelling adventures has come to an end, and I am now at home, where I belong. As I sit here, in the attic of our mountain house, high above the city of Brasov – I’m looking out the window and it’s snowing beautifully all around. Not that wanna-be, Liverpudlian snow either. I’m talking proper, Central European snow. If it keeps going like this for a few days, I may even get on the skis again!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, and are getting ready to enter the New Year. Take a few moments to think about the year that’s about to end. What were its high points? Treasure those. What were its low points? Figure out how they made you stronger. If there’s anything you did this year that makes you proud, think how you can do even better next year. Have you made another person smile? Were you the best possible version of yourself? And if not, how can you work to move closer to that ideal?

Well, I’ll leave you off in the company of Celine Dion, and her 1998 Christmas tune “Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day”. Soak the wonderful message of this song, and remember to give a little love everyday!

Remember, love is all around us!

Petru 🙂


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