Long Ago And Far Away

It’s been a good while since I wrote on here. That’s because one often gets carried away when one is at home for the holidays. However, that’s over and done with, and after some moderate adventures, I am now back in good ol’ Liverpool. Back and eager for another productive term. Although I am maybe not as energetic now, as I was at the start of the previous term – I still feel this will be another good term, full of achievements I’ll be proud of. In fact, all these productions I’m doing at the moment at LIPA are almost enough to make me proud even if I never properly make it in this business. I have already done things that other singers spend their whole life trying to do. And I’m talking now mainly about creative achievements, not necessarily money earned.

Although, that being said, I would like 2010 to be the year when I finally start earning money properly from my craft. I have reached a point in my life and career when I would like to start earning from my talent, if indeed I am as talented as so many people say I am. I guess I wouldn’t have reached this level, as an artist, if I wasn’t more or less talented. So why not make a living out of it.

In other news, tomorrow is my first rehearsal of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”. Just to remind everybody, I am playing the coolest part in the show. You guessed it, I’m playing Snoopy! So, after spending the break studying my dogs at home, and perfecting my barking (Speech-Level-Singing ™ barking, naturellment) – I am now ready to do my take on this veritable cultural icon that is Snoopy.

So here’s a toast with my good friend Jim. Or is it Jack? Hehe.

And here’s to a great term ahead everyone! Cheers 🙂


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