In Some Small Way

Someone once said that the biggest problem with art is the artists. Indeed, this seems to hold true. Were it not for the egos that populate the arts world, it would actually be a very enjoyable line of work.

Art is a very personal thing. And because we each create our art, we tend to think of ourselves more or less as the centre of the universe. And I’ll be the first one to admit it. If we didn’t believe we are any good at what we do, be it singing, dancing, acting or whatnot, we probably wouldn’t be out there doing it.

So, if we’re all such beautiful beings, capable of generating things so beautiful, why must we come into conflict with one another when we have to work together? Little tiny arguments in rehearsal, that one killer look that the primadonna always shoots at whoever dares to look her in the eye when she’s made a mistake. People thinking they could give other people directions, but failing to do so with a positive, encouraging tone. Little things that make you feel like shit, and have you struggling not to stoop to the same level.

For ultimately, it should not be about the egos, but about the art. That’s why we went into this line of work in the first place, didn’t we? To express our innermost beautiful feelings in a way that makes peoples’ lives better in some small way. Wouldn’t we enjoy the process so much more if we replaced that bitter frown with a friendly smile? 🙂


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