The World According To Snoopy

“It was a dark and stormy night…”

Thus begins Snoopy’s novel, and that’s pretty much as far as he ever gets in writing it, before he loses interest and goes back to doing things that are far more important and relevant to a dog, such as sleeping on top of his doghouse (in full supine position), or waiting for his suppertime (the “very best time of day”, according to Snoopy). Very seldom does Snoopy actually reside INSIDE his doghouse, even though its interior is worthy of a 5-star establishment, containing (among other things) a pool table, a table tennis table, a television, a mural (painted by Linus), a shower, a Van Gogh painting, a cedar closet, a grandfather clock, and a whirlpool bath.

Then there’s the little birds, of course. Woodstock being the chief example, and Snoopy’s best friend. These birds represent the principal annoyance that Snoopy has to deal with on a daily basis. Nobody likes to wake up to the feeling of cold, sharp little claws parading around their belly, now do they?

“I am not a beagle, I am a PERSON!”

Snoopy represents the kind of daily-life philosopher that sits back and watches the world go round and round, in very much the same manner as John Lennon. He does not bother the outside world, unless he himself is bothered by it – and he is content with the bare necessities, and living in his own fantasy life (featuring prominent WW1 aerial dogfights with Manfred von Richthofen aka. The Red Baron). Needless to say, the imaginary Red Baron wins every duel – leaving Snoopy to shake his fist to the heavens, promising the Red Baron he’ll “bring him down next time”.

And there are many more priceless things I could mention about Snoopy, but then, in a way, I would be describing myself. Having had the privilege to play Snoopy onstage now in the musical “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” – I have had the pleasure to observe, first-hand, the world according to Snoopy. Not bad. Not bad at all… 🙂

“I wonder if it will snow tonight?…”


One thought on “The World According To Snoopy

  1. Great article on Snoopy! I just stumbled across your page while I was looking for Snoopy pics, and feeling nostalgic for my childhood. You picked the same word press layout as I have, so I found it interesting, and stayed to read some of your blog. Very nice! Take care, and drop by mine if you wish. I’m at http://www.praxilla.word if you’d lie to see mine.


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