I appreciate we’re now “living in the 21st century” or whatever, and we’re “supposed” to watch these modern movies and stuff, but if you ever care to get in touch with what REAL cinema was like, have a look below. A tribute to Katharine Hepburn, with snippets from her greatest films. Presented at the 2004 Academy Awards by Julia Roberts. Dunno about you guys, but ever since I’ve discovered Hepburn (and all the other great actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood), I just can’t look at a contemporary film with the same eyes. Sure, there are some fantastic movies done nowadays, and there have been fabulous advances in the field of moviemaking which escape denial. But if I have to choose between a CGI blockbuster depicting blue aliens, and a quality black & white oldie showcasing what real acting is like, I will always choose the latter. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Kate

  1. I found your blog via a search for Snoopy pics for my computer wallpaper. Read your Snoopy post. I would imagine being Snoopy would be a great way to go through life!

    I have always loved watching old movies and its something I did with my Mom growing up. She always had on the classic movie channel. I suggest if you don’t have one already, get a Netflix account. They have all of the classics, including all of Kate’s. I am working my way through some of the more obscure ones right now.

    Also, if I see a good movie on TV, I know I can get it in the mail and it won’t keep me from my studies. You are very right about the quality of the acting and even the scripts. Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, etc. all had so much talent. Few actors today can compete with them!

    Have fun seeing more movies!

    • Hey Jess,

      Being Snoopy is indeed a great way to view life. I always think of Snoopy when I start acting too “mature” or when life’s getting me down. But then I’m only 23 years old, maybe I’m not supposed to be too mature yet?

      Thanks for your comment – it is always wonderful to meet another Hepburn fan! I didn’t know about Netflix, but I had a look after you mentioned it, and wow, nearly all Hepburn movies are on there! I already have more than half of them on DVD, but now I can watch the more obscure ones that aren’t out on DVD yet. Thank you!

      She is great, isnt she? What a fantastic human being, in so many ways. Don’t you sometimes wish we could have lives in those times?

      You mentioned studying. What is it you’re studying (if you dont mind me asking). I myself am studying music and performing arts in Liverpool, England 🙂

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