The Lion In Winter

That I am a Hepburn fan is no longer a secret to anybody by now. However, it was not until I saw “The Lion In Winter” that it finally clicked to me why she is considered the greatest film actress of all time. Her performance in that film is the best female performance I have ever seen in a movie. Hands down, her most deserved Oscar of the four that she won during her long career. She should have gotten two Oscars for this role if possible. It’s also unbelievable to me that Peter O’Toole did not win the Oscar for his role in this, as well. He is a force of nature, the whole movie is like an elemental battle of the titans between the two. Below is the final, most moving scene in the film. And also my first YouTube upload! I finally figured out how. Though I still have to buy the full program for that watermark to disappear off screen. Enjoy 🙂


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