Blue Skies

George Harrison once wrote a beautiful ballad about the sun finally arriving, after a long period of cloud. What held true back then, holds true still. It is a surprisingly warm summer day in Liverpool which resembles Romanian weather more than it resembles English weather, and there is not a single cloud in the sky.

The view out my window

Here I am, about to enter my last week of living in this flat. It is actually incredible to confess I have been living for a whole year in the building where John Lennon was born. Sounds incredible. I mean, can you believe it? How lucky I’ve been to say that I’ve lived in the building where one of my idols was born. But the reality is far less romantic. Lennon Studios is now a rather spartan student accomodation somewhat resembling a prison. I have to get past 4 locked doors to enter my actual flat. The first two require the pressing of a grey magnetic fob onto a microchip reading device. Very CIA-style, yes. And the remaining two doors can be opened with the aid of a regular key. The upside of it all is that I’d like to see the thief who succeeds in breaking all four doors without getting caught first. The downside can clearly be felt when I’m walking home laden with 5 rather weighty Tesco bags, and im trying to juggle the keys with one hand and try not to break my other arm under the weight of the bags.

Coming back to the view out my window. I see Liverpudlian rooftops bathed in the light of a sparkling sun. And it’s blue skies all around. Time for a walk through the city, methinks!


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