Glorifying Mediocrity

We live in primitive times. The values we once held dear are slowly, but surely, going down the drain – paving the way for mediocrity. Yes, you might say I am cynical. But isn’t it true, though? We all remember the advice our parents and grandparents gave us. Don’t do this, don’t do that etc. And we always felt like doing the complete opposite to what we were being told to do. I suppose in a way it is normal for children to behave in this way.

But, at the same time, my generation is growing up in a strange and exciting age. Within our lifetime, the internet became part of our lives, almost as much as electricity. Mobile phones, video games and 3D cinema. Global travel at accessible prices. Studying with people from all the nations in the world, in international schools and univerities. Globalization.

As the world gets smaller and more globalized day by day, our values are sharply going down when… well, shouldn’t the opposite happen? Shouldn’t we promote virtue over mediocrity? We are making films nowadays about the anti-hero, glorifying faults and stupidity instead of “hero”-like attributes. We gang around a laptop to watch the latest idiot on YouTube. It’s amusing, no doubt. But over time, doesn’t it tend to dumb us down? Also, TV shows such as “Sex And The City” teach young girls that “women are the equal of man”, and exemplify this by saying that women should do all the BAD things “men supposedly do”. Why does equality of the sexes have to mean equality in stupidity? If we, men, are indeed pigs who like to sleep around with dozens of women, then shouldn’t we teach men to be faithful – instead of encouraging women to sleep around as well?

How is having two problems instead of one, better than solving the one problem?

Even our old heroes like James Bond, or Batman – now feature in rebooted franchises in which they appear more “human”. We can see more of their faults. The de-mythisation of the hero. James Bond is no longer the suave, perfect gentleman – but a troubled and flawed warrior. Everybody is so morose, and “misunderstood” – and we think that, by promoting this image, we can substitute it for a true personality. The human species is a flawed species, yes – but why promote this mediocrity through the media – instead of using the media to promote positive ideals that we should strive to attain (good morals, true love, fine character)?


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