Rainy Day

The view from my window is quite Liverpudlian. Fog so thick you could cut it with a knife, and incessant rain which brings about a feeling of coziness. And warmth, if you find yourself indoors. Also, I’m in a quaint mountain resort called Poiana Brasov, in my native lands, where we are lucky enough to own a little house. So I guess the view is not Liverpudlian at all. Why on Earth I have chosen to study in such a depressing, and rather ugly city, sometimes escapes me. This place is the opposite of that.

The short answer is: The Beatles (my favourite band) and Liverpool FC, which won a special place in my heart after coming back from 0-3 to win that Champions League final against AC Milan a few years ago.

Oh, and a little institution called LIPA. Just mentioning.

Nothing to write about, really. I wish I could say I’ve had an industrious and exciting summer, but it’s really been pretty low-key. I needed peace and quiet, needed some time to think about my future. To me, that usually means going up to Poiana Brasov for some weeks away from civilization. Although, if one were to quote Gandhi, “civilization” is a misused word here. I find there’s more civilization in nature, than in any big city. All right, so I will be going back to Liverpool in a couple of weeks to begin my final year at LIPA. The place I fought so hard to get into, and that I’m now getting ready to graduate from. Again. (Many of you will know that I had the honour to shake Sir Paul McCartney’s hand once before, in July 2008. Maybe this time, instead of being nervous, I can actually say something back to him).

I must confess to thinking a lot over the summer whether I even need this last year at LIPA. The short answer is no. The major things awaiting me at LIPA this year are a 40-minute solo showcase/concert in the PMA (the “big” theatre at LIPA) and a 6000-words-ish dissertation, which I see no point in, other than being a mandatory obstacle in the way of getting the degree. It’s basically a head-to-head match between a piece of paper, and a semi-wasted year of my life. And the fact that I’ve already paid the rent for my flat.

When I say “wasted year” I’m not saying it in a mean way. I love being at LIPA, it’s such a nice, ideal, contained art bubble that I could probably spend the rest of my life in if I could. Which, on a good day, resembles the movie “Fame”. Even in a city as Dickensian as Liverpool. However, the real world awaits, whether in a year’s time or now, and another year spent simulating music is another year spent NOT doing it for real. LIPA is not the real world, and I don’t really feel a dissertation does anything at all to help me with progressing in the REAL music business. I feel I’ve learned enough to attack the music business, and if I can’t make it with the skills I currently possess, then this year will hardly add anything tangible to that. That’s the sordid truth.

But I will stay and finish what I started. If for nothing else, because it would be like quitting the race on the last lap of the stadium. And also so I can tell my kids someday their father has earned a university degree. My father has two degrees, the least I can do is obtain one, lol.

Rain falling down. Fresh mountain air. Cup of coffee awaiting, and a lazy day in. Ciao!


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. to be fair, you wouldn’t really see a view like that from many Liverpudlian windows. I think the city is greatly undervalued for its architectural history and beauty. I challenge anyone to find another City that has quite such an ornate, and completely unique waterfront comprising of buildings that span centuries of history. Liverpool is one of the few remaining cities that contains the relics, and modern examples of what exactly it is to be British πŸ™‚ Hope to catch you soon for some songwriting!!!

    • OK, so maybe I wasnt referring to all of Liverpool. I much prefer where you live across the Mersey, and yeah the waterfront is very nice (as well as some residential streets outside the city centre).

      But the Ropewalks area right in the middle of town is a bit repulsive, you have to admit. Too much puke and broken glass and noisy people in one place. They should have put the party section a bit outside the centre of town, so that any tourists don’t immediately see all the drunkards flailing about, lol.

      But I much prefer the view in that picture to any urban landscape, I guess πŸ™‚

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