I wonder sometimes why we can’t be more open with each other? We are capable of such beautiful things and I believe all of us are inherently good people – however when it comes to interacting with each other we always seem to present a lesser version of ourselves. Even when we feel we know somebody, we need to ask ourselves just how well we really know that person. Because we don’t know them really. Not very well. How well do they know us? We raise an instinctive shield to the world to protect our most fragile inner self when, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Instead of hiding from everyone and thinking the world is out to get us, shouldn’t we embrace it with arms wide open?

And we’re all so afraid of ridicule without even realizing it’s not really a contest at all. It’s not a race. We’re not competing against anyone, really. Not even against ourselves. Passengers through a fleeting world, we concentrate so hard on racing to destinations that we forget to focus on the moment, forget to look left and right and just see this beautiful planet we are on which, despite all the horrible things we are doing to it, is still magnificent and worthy of numinous tears and a poem or two.

Maybe growing up really isn’t growing up at all. I still remember how I saw the world as a child, and I realize it was a much more beautiful vision than what I see now. So by that token, growing up is really some sort of “growing down”, of being beaten into shape by this sinister society that values everything but the things that should be valued. Moral fiber, love, beauty, innocence, poetry, virtue, honor, truth – all these concepts are not worth a dime anymore in today’s mature, modern society. Instead we value money, possessions, competition, winning at all costs. We deceive and we cheat and steal and betray – we watch the news and it’s all accidents and horror. Nobody will ever start a news report saying a baby was born. Or a painting was painted. Or that somebody took the time to smile at somebody else.

So, where to from here? Can we only go down, or is there a glimmer of hope?

PS. I have decided to apply a facelift to my blog by trying out a new theme. It might just be a temporary thing or I could stick with it.


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