It’s Coming On Christmas

Round about this time of year, malls, shops, office building lobbies and elevators throughout the Christian world begin their Christmas madness. I went to get my haircut yesterday at St. John’s in downtown Liverpool and found myself staring at the loveliest Christmas tree. Carefully decorated, complete with fake snow and neatly wrapped faux-presents underneath. And Mariah Carey’s new Christmas single, “Oh Santa!” was triumphantly blasting out the establishment’s sound system.

At the LIPA bar, usually host to a variety of undentifiable and dubious smells, one can now feel the smell of mulled cider in the air. I guess it would have been too expensive to get us proper mulled red wine, but it’s the thought that counts.

Yes, you might say that round about this time of year, I also start getting into the spirit of Christmas. I think when you’re 5 weeks away from Christmas, its socially acceptable to be listening to Christmas music, right? Haha, what’s wrong with a bit of cheesiness in one’s life, I ask you? We lead fast-paced, unemotional, machine-like lives these days – and it seems that everything’s about how quickly you can get from A to B. So, if only for this month, month-and-a-half of the year, can we not slow down a bit and worry not about how quickly we can get from A to B, but about looking to the left and to the right of the road and observing how beautiful the road is. And it really gets to be very pretty, at least down my way in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains.

If there’s one good thing this recession has taught me, it can easily be expressed with regards to Christmas. It’s not about how many presents you buy, or how pricy they are – but about making it meaningful to the person you’re giving the present to. This Christmas, we won’t be buying trunkloads of expensive gifts. Instead, we might remember things which are more important, like a good old-fashioned hug. The smell of mulled wine in the air. A nice Christmas CD playing softly in the house.

Yes, we’re 5 weeks away from Christmas, I hear the more cynical amongst you say. But I’m going to start getting into the spirit now. Plenty of other boring months during the year!


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