Hey everyone. Thank you for reading my blog – we are soon going to celebrate a year of my return to the World of Bloggitude, and to celebrate this awesome occasion I have created my very own musician’s Myspace Page. Yes, my days as a guerilla musician armed only with a Facebook page are now over. I’VE SOLD OUT TO THE MAINSTREAM BEAST. Soon, Lord Sauron and our combined armies shall have dominion over all of Middle Earth. La-di-friggin-dah and whatnot.

By visiting the above link, you will not only have access to my latest tracks, but will also be doing me a great favour as an up-and-coming musician by showing your support. I promise to send whoever adds me as a friend on Myspace by the 1st of January 2011 A SIGNED CD… as soon as I release my first official record, that is! Yes, no harm in being optimistic. You guys will play a big part in this, as the more support I have, the more likely I am to release said album. And the more likely you are to receive said signed copy! Win-win? 🙂


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