And The Oscar Goes To

What a treat, to be in a year with so many great films nominated for the Best Picture Academy award. Given that they’ve restored the number of nominations to 10 movies like in the old days, there’s bound to be a few names on that list that you think don’t really stand a chance of winning the golden man. I mean, can you really see “Toy Story 3” grabbing the award? In a year with so many quality contenders?

For me, two movies stand out above the rest. And below are the two scenes which sold those movies to me.

Just unabashed, all-out, passionate moviemaking. The transformation scene from “Black Swan” left me breathless. Being a performer myself, I can completely understand the metaphor of “becoming the character” just before going onstage. And to see Natalie Portman become the role with such grace (echoes of Audrey Hepburn abound) is more than I thought her capable of as an actress. And as for Colin Firth, it was a role just waiting to happen. A wonderful, talented actor who is finally getting the roles he is capable of. I cannot decide between “Black Swan” and “The King’s Speech”. Whichever of these two wins, I will be happy with. Buenas noches 🙂


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