Someone To Watch Over Me

Sometimes, when the bleak reality of this world gets to be too much, I have the natural tendency to withdraw into my shell and live in some sort of internalized utopia of my own construction. I guess “daydreaming” would be a good word for it. I’m quite sure this is something that we all do, to some degree, and if you also happen to be an artist, and an utterly hopeless dreamer (like yours truly), then daydreaming gets to be the norm, pretty much.

Sometimes, all I feel like doing is lounging out on a nice sofa with a glass of red, and with a song like the one below, playing softly on my iPod speakers, in the background. Ideally with a F. Scott Fitzgerald-esque vista of the city at night sprawling in front of me. Then, in that moment, things are perfect.

Gershwin wrote it. Sinatra and Miss Ella crooned the heck out of it. Oscar Peterson certainly knew his way around it. And Chet brough out the pure poetry in it. But perhaps the most heartfelt rendition of this timeless classic is from the eponymous episode from “Star Trek: Voyager”, when the Doctor sings it, in absentia, to Seven of Nine, at the episode’s conclusion.


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