About Petru

Petru Calinescu is a 27-year old singer/songwriter (and occasional actor) hailing from Bucharest, Romania. He is the recipient of a BA in Music/Performing Arts (completed in 2011) from the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, founded by Sir Paul McCartney.

Petru is a versatile singer, having performed in a variety of musical styles, including pop-rock, jazz, alternative rock, soul, classical-crossover, musical theatre, rock’n’roll, gospel, choral music, and disco. He has studied under one of the leading Romanian vocal coaches (Crina Mardare) and has received “Speech Level Singing” vocal training at LIPA. As an actor, he has performed both non-musical and musical theatre, at high school and university level, and has completed a two-year IB course in Theatre Arts.

At LIPA, Petru has performed alongside a whole host of talented performers from all around the world, taking part in several bands, shows and choirs. Past shows at LIPA include “What The Funk” (a disco extravaganza featuring a HedKandi DJ mixing live onstage); the musical “Working” (featuring songs by Stephen Schwartz and James Taylor); “Musings of a Hopeless Romantic” (his first one-man show – backed by a slick jazz lineup and dancers). Petru has played the iconic character Snoopy in the musical “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”; and he produced and starred in the new musical “Beyond The Clouds”. Petru was most recently featured in Stephen Sondheim’s acclaimed musical opera “Sweeney Todd” and has performed as part of the 3rd Degree Festival 2011.

Outside academic life, he has performed with the Liverpool University Student Theatre Company and was briefly a member of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir.

Since moving back to Romania, Petru has made significant progress in his musical career. Among his achievements are a continuing collaboration with Loredana Groza, with which Petru has performed live numerous times (most notably in front of over 5000 spectators at Sala Palatului in November 2012). Also, in conjunction with Loredana, Petru has composed and helped produce Europa FM’s 2013 charity anthem “E Soare Si Pe Strada Ta” (an all-stars charity single featuring some of the biggest singers on the Romanian music scene). Elsewhere, Petru’s composition “Broken Heart” (performed by Maximilian Muntean) has reached the national Eurovision semi-final in 2013.

Petru currently lives in Bucharest, Romania, working on new material with his band “Green Tea”.